Director Sales & Marketing - B2B SaaS


San Francisco Bay Area, CA

Hours: Full-Time


Company Background:

ActivePrime is a dynamic entrepreneurial SaaS company providing CRM Data Governance solutions to Enterprise organizations.  We are seeking a Director of Sales & Marketing to spearhead the company’s growth as we pivot for the future.  The Director of Sales & Marketing will start out as an individual contributor and be excited to grow into leading a larger team.  A major responsibility for this role is being able to predict and meet sales and marketing quotas.  This will start as a telecommuting work from home position, and grow into leading a local office for sales & marketing.

This is an ideal role for someone looking to catapult their career and move into an executive role overnight.  There’s an abundance of opportunity to make a difference in a fast-paced competitive marketplace.  This is a creative role that requires rolling up the sleeves, wearing many hats, and leaping over obstacles with a very positive attitude for success.  Our employees enjoy independence in a quickly changing environment; no two days are the same, so we’re looking for someone who can be comfortable with ambiguity and make decisions on gut instincts when all the data is not available.


  • Develop and execute company marketing strategy. Be able to do this as individual contributor in a hands-on role and as part of the Senior Management Team

  • Copywriting for all marketing assets

  • Email design

  • Email campaign execution through Act-On

  • Execution of other marketing initiatives, including ABM

  • Acting as an SDR for new MQLs and other sales driven initiatives

  • Hands-on selling mostly for net-new and when requested cross-selling into existing accounts

  • Working enterprise accounts from a sales perspective along with ABM to get into the right place - this will be a team selling process

  • Keep your pipeline/forecast current in Salesforce

  • Meet or exceed quota expectations

  • Build a network with key CRM vendor employees as needed to meet sales objectives

  • Work closely with the engineering team to provide product feedback through your experience & learnings in the marketplace

  • Manage other team members as needed and eventually grow & lead a team

  • Manage all corporate website assets + marketplace assets


Required Skills & Qualifications:

  • 5+ years of B2B technology marketing and sales experience

  • Fluent in written and spoken English, including colloquialisms

  • Excellent marketing copywriting

  • Excellent business strategist

  • Ability to manage to quota

  • Willing and able to to cold call as needed (some days could be 50+ calls a day)

  • Excellent project management skills, ideally in a tool like smartsheets or similar

  • Customer focused.

  • Comfortable making quick decisions, when possible

  • Expert user of Google Drive, Skype, GoToMeeting,,  Google Analytics, and Act-On

  • Ideally familiar with ActivePrime’s solutions as an end user or administrator

  • Ideally familiar with HTML enough to handle the basics of web changes and/or email designs

  • Able to create demonstration videos in a tool like Sparkol and/or Camtasia

  • Comfortable creating PPT presentations frequently including minor design elements

  • Able to use analogies & create visual diagrams to explain technical concepts to almost anyone

  • Able to learn and adapt to new technologies easily

  • Ability to work collaboratively with engineers and senior professionals across functions; have strong influencing and leadership skills.

  • Solid experience as an individual contributor leading major efforts


Desired Characteristics:

  • You are able to work on a small team and share responsibilities to pitch in as best needed to accomplish the company’s goals, i.e. leave your ego behind

  • You are an excellent listener and naturally engage in reflective listening

  • You have excellent written communication skills, both inward and outward facing

  • You express empathy, and that helps your ability to influence others.

  • You are clear, concise, and comfortable developing and presenting information to any kind of B2B audience, including executive decision makers

  • You understand B2B sales cycles and are ready to learn (if you don’t already know) how to sell to all the stakeholders in an an enterprise level organization

  • You are current in your ability to use the technologies listed

  • You are a long-term planner and creative short-term executor

  • You are able to deal with ambiguity in a fast-paced dynamic environment

  • You are smart, innovative, curious, adaptable and can get things done in a timely fashion

  • You are able to prioritize and execute the tasks- on time- that are necessary to reach your end objectives

Please note, during the interview process, applicants will be asked to complete a small interview project and present via a web meeting.  All applicants must be willing to undergo a background check and provide copies of transcripts and W2s as requested.

Please email hr AT activeprime to apply with a resume & cover letter.

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