ActivePrime CleanCRM, CleanEnter, CleanImport, & CleanUpdate Success Story – Financial Services Provider


This ActivePrime customer, a financial services organization based in New York, experienced problems with duplicate records in their Oracle CRM On Demand.

With 500 users managing CRM data through various entry points, they determined data entry was the primary source of duplicates.

The company noticed more than 50% of records in their system were duplicates and they lacked a clear process to manage data entry, so they started looking for a solution to eliminate duplicates and prevent new ones from being created.

“In terms of yearly data quality milestones, I would say this has kept us in the range of 85%-90% of clean data in connection to how users create and import data."

The seamless connection with Oracle CRM On Demand was a clear differentiator of why we picked up ActivePrime. Users don’t even realize it’s a separate plugin."

CRM Program Manager


Using ActivePrime (CleanCRM, CleanEnter, CleanImport, CleanUpdate), the company is now able to maintain a duplicate-free CRM. CleanCRM helped identify and clean up most of the duplicates in their Oracle CRM. Used on a daily basis, CleanEnter and CleanImport stop duplicates from record entry and file imports.
In addition, CleanImport allows users to define the level of detail to which they wish to check for duplicates, so they can align with the organizational goals and workflow.


  • Removed the day to day entry points of duplicates.
  • Annual data quality checks show 85% - 90% clean data in terms of data entry and import.
  • ActivePrime solutions deliver positive ROI and have become essential to how the customer manages key components of their business, such as Relationships and Contacts.
  • Increased CRM adoption due to the seamless integration in the record creation flow and to the friendly user interface.
  • Negligible amounts of duplicates remaining in the CRM are due to nuances in third party data.
  • Positive feedback from users and preference for data entry through ActivePrime rather than the standard CRM functionality.


This customer recommends ActivePrime for the amazing customer support and continuous education that helps them truly understand the product capabilities and use their full benefits in business-specific use cases.


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Blocks incoming duplicate data intruders for any record type, one at a time.


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