Infrastructure Solutions Provider Aegion Receives Cleaner CRM Data with the Right Tools



Aegion provides solutions for energy and water services, mining and pipeline infrastructure, and helps make bridges, tunnels, and buildings safe. They employ approximately 6,000 employees and have over 200,000 contacts. They were seeking a better process for controlling duplicates in Oracle CRM On Demand.


The Challenge

Aegion has 10 separate companies under its umbrella, and they all share the same CRM. The amount of data is huge with 200,000 contacts and 70,000 accounts. They use CRM data for prospecting, sales, and operations, so it’s critical that it’s accurate. They were faced with the need to clean up thousands of duplicates and answer the complaints of its users regarding poor data quality.

They also needed a way to prevent duplicates as sales and operations created new contacts. Duplicate data made it difficult to produce Opportunity Reports for management as well.


The ActivePrime Solution

ActivePrime delivered a solution to overcome the challenges with tools for data deduping, duplicate prevention, and smarter searching. These tools—CleanCRM, CleanEnter, and ActivePrime Search—are all embedded into the CRM and don’t require an integration.

The Results

ActivePrime CleanCRM significantly improved the quality of CRM data by automatically identifying and merging over 20,000 records. Now, users can also check for duplicates on a regular basis to ensure data stays clean.

With clean data, Aegion uses Opportunity Reports to provide management an informed view of expected revenue and pipeline.


  • CleanEnter

  • CleanCRM

  • ActivePrime Search

  • “Our data in CRM On Demand is now more reliable and we are able to generate accurate reports and make better business decisions. ActivePrime CleanCRM significantly improved the quality of CRM data by automatically merging over 20,000 records.”