Emerson Finds Complete Solution to Keep CRM Data Clean



Emerson Climate Technologies is a leading provider of heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration solutions. Their CRM wasn’t being used to its potential, bogged down by duplicates from bulk updates.


The Challenge

Importing and updating data in bulk without creating duplicates in their CRM was a major challenge. Users’ perception that data in the CRM was inaccurate and unreliable caused CRM adoption rates to plummet. In the absence of a data cleansing solution, data degraded very quickly. Removing duplicates manually or using spreadsheets to compare records before an import took too much time and effort. The company needed a solution to work for all CRM users.


The ActivePrime Solution

Emerson was able to immediately put in place our best-in-class deduping tools, CleanCRM and CleanImport. These tools deliver quality data, allowing them to capitalize on their CRM investment. The company had previously used a data cleansing tool but greatly appreciated how our tools seamlessly work inside the CRM with no integration.

The Results

Our tools helped clean up duplicates and increase users’ confidence in the accuracy of their CRM data, driving higher CRM adoption levels. Used systematically, they help maintain a duplicate-free database. They can also now easily compare different records before they add them to their CRM, preventing duplicates from overlapping data. They continue to keep data clean and easy to find with additional tools.


  • CleanEnter

  • CleanCRM

  • ActivePrime Search

  • CleanImport

  • I would say keeping your data clean is a never ending, ongoing process, and it’s a challenge; ActivePrime helps make it more manageable. We have various groups using CRM On Demand and their data overlaps, so it’s critical that we have a product like ActivePrime to help us sort through that without having to do it manually.