ActivePrime CleanCRM & CleanImport Success Story - Emerson Climate Technologies



Emerson Climate Technologies is a leading provider of heating, air conditioning and refrigeration solutions for residential, industrial and commercial applications. The group combines best-in-class technology with proven engineering, design, distribution, educational and monitoring services to provide customized, integrated climate-control solutions for customers worldwide.

“I would say keeping your data clean is a never ending, ongoing process, and it’s a challenge; ActivePrime helps make it more manageable.

We have various groups using CRM On Demand and their data overlaps, so it’s critical that we have a product like ActivePrime to help us sort through that without having to do it manually.”


E-business Program Manager, Emerson Climate Technologies


For Emerson Climate Technologies, importing and updating data in bulk without creating duplicates in CRM On Demand was a challenge. Users’ perception that data in the CRM was inaccurate and unreliable depressed CRM adoption rates. In the absence of a data cleansing solution, data degraded very quickly. Removing duplicates manually or using spreadsheets to compare records before an import took time and effort.

With data overlapping between different CRM user groups, Emerson needed a solution to keep it clean.


  • With ActivePrime’s CleanCRM and CleanImport, Emerson now relies on quality data and can capitalize on their CRM investment.
  • CleanImport and CleanCRM helped clean up many duplicates and increase users’ confidence in the accuracy of their CRM data, driving higher CRM adoption levels. Used systematically, they help maintain a duplicate-free database.
  • Having used a different data quality tool before ActivePrime, Emerson immediately recognized the value in the seamless integration of CleanCRM and CleanImport with the CRM On Demand user interface.
  • The products are easy to use and allow Emerson CRM admins to find duplicates and make corrections from within their system interface.
  • CleanImport helps compare different record lists before adding them to the CRM, preventing dupes from overlapping data.
  • To follow-up on their data cleansing process and maintain high data quality, Emerson will rely on CleanEnter and ActivePrime Search

ActivePrime Power Search™

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Sweeps up duplicates en masse without breaking a sweat.


Blocks incoming duplicate data intruders for any record type, one at a time.


Imports files into your CRM without creating duplicates.


Schedule mass updates at off-peak hours. Update record owner, opportunity status & field values.

ActivePrime Search™

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