ActivePrime CleanCRM Success Story – An Organization in the Not-for-Profit Service Industry


Across all industries, organizations rely on clean data. Leveraged for marketing, sales, or customer support purposes, accurate data helps them make better informed decisions, become more efficient, and achieve superior customer satisfaction. A data cleansing strategy is thus crucial for every company and institution.

“Clean data is everything; in a data-centric world such as today, one thing you can do to clean up your data is deduping and making sure it is consistent. For us, this is significant to how we function as an organization.”

Database Administrator


A trusted ActivePrime customer, one organization in the not-for-profit services industry is using Salesforce CRM and has implemented their own matching system to automatically remove duplicate records. They can identify and then create records or eliminate duplicate contacts and leads as they reach their database.

But with a constant flow of incoming contacts through web forms and fundraising campaigns, keeping duplicates away is not an easy feat.

Removing duplicates and maintaining the accuracy of contacts, leads, and donations is a year-long process.


ActivePrime’s CleanCRM was designed to support customers in their CRM deduping efforts. CleanCRM’s powerful capability to find and clean duplicates and its ease of use was key in the decision to select CleanCRM.

With CleanCRM the organization manages to clean hundreds of duplicate records in their Salesforce. ActivePrime’s deduping tool is crucially helpful during the customer’s busiest fundraising quarter, at the end of the year. Acting on clean data when interacting with donors is particularly important in this case, so CleanCRM is used every day for deduping on contacts and leads.

A user-friendly interface and simple layout put CleanCRM’s adoption on the fast track. With no tutorials or trainings needed for the team, ActivePrime’s available online resources easily tipped the balance in favor of CleanCRM. Used by the organization’s database administrators, CleanCRM helps ensure their data is always accurate and up-to-date. In the customer’s own words, ‘clean data is everything’.


ActivePrime Power Search™

Easy access to data no matter where it resides.


Sweeps up duplicates en masse without breaking a sweat.


Blocks incoming duplicate data intruders for any record type, one at a time.


Imports files into your CRM without creating duplicates.


Schedule mass updates at off-peak hours. Update record owner, opportunity status & field values.

ActivePrime Search™

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