Manufacturer Resolves Duplicates Easily with ActivePrime Tools



SABIC Innovative Plastics is a leading global supplier of engineering thermoplastics and has customers throughout the world. They were seeking a better way to handle the sheer amount of data about its customers, distributors, and processors in Oracle CRM On Demand.


The Challenge

SABIC has a very complex supply chain, as they deal with numerous OEMs nationwide. One customer could have multiple names, owners, and shipping locations. Data soon became too voluminous to work with manually, so they moved to a collaborative process, which turned out be tedious. This made it virtually impossible to sustain data quality and remove duplicates.


The ActivePrime Solution

With their first 60,000 records, their users were able to use CleanCRM to resolve any duplicates. Upon request from their IT team and leader Martin Mayr, we were able to customize CleanCRM further with special rules specific to SABIC, automating a once manual process. CleanCRM allowed multiple instances to be efficiently consolidated into a single view of the customer. This tool increased CRM usage as well by enabling the SABIC team to see things they didn’t before. For SABIC, this record cleansing solution was a key first step to increasing the value of their data and improving performance.

The Results

People who once worked in their own silos now share the information, making it immediately available to the entire team, so all account history can be found and documented in one place. SABIC was also able to gain a competitive advantage through more accurate insights and more meaningful relationships with customers.


  • CleanCRM

  • “The whole team used to sit down once a quarter and spend an entire day reconciling data with a spreadsheet. ActivePrime CleanCRM enabled CRM On Demand to become a strategic component in how we share customer intelligence as a team, rather than individuals.”