ActivePrime CleanCRM Success Story – The Retirement Group



A leading provider of financial advisory services, The Retirement Group focuses on retirement planning for the transitioning corporate employee. Based in San Diego, The Retirement Group guides customers through monthly events held across the US. Their service portfolio spans investment, financial planning, insurance, and tax planning.

“ CleanCRM helps us make sure that our database is streamlined and that we’re sending the right information to the right people. It runs behind the scene while we’re doing other work, but still gives the option to review the information before pushing the button to merge the records. In one of our last cleanups, we were able to identify and dedupe around 40,000 duplicate pairs.”

– Tiffany Hill

Marketing Department Lead, The Retirement Group


The Retirement Group relies on Salesforce for their marketing activities. Working with households, they came across a duplication issue – Salesforce views each person account as a unique record, even if several contacts shared the same email address or phone number. Communications intended for different persons were being sent multiple times to the same email address. With tens of thousands of such duplicate records in their system, The Retirement Group needed to be able to target individuals more effectively. Cleaning their data using standard solutions was time consuming and the duplicated records resulted in unnecessarily high data storage costs.


  • Visibility into records sharing the same contact details helped improve the efficiency of their marketing campaigns.
  • Matching on standard and even custom fields, CleanCRM helped identify and eliminate tens of thousands of duplicates quickly and accurately.
  • With duplicates removed from their system, The Retirement Group brought down their storage needs, which provided a significant expense reduction.
  • CleanCRM’s user friendly interface and ease of use facilitated adoption even among the newer team members.
  • Scheduled scans provide flexibility to set up regular duplicate checks. Users retain control over their data by manually reviewing the duplicates sets and selecting the suitable master record.
  • Embedded directly into Salesforce, CleanCRM was a great time saver, allowing users to analyze and clean their data without leaving the CRM.

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