ActivePrime CleanCRM Success Story – Vertiv



Vertiv (formerly Emerson Network Power) is the world’s leading provider of critical infrastructure technologies and life cycle services for information and communications technology systems. With an extensive portfolio of hardware and software solutions and more than 25,000 employees worldwide, Vertiv develops systems which maximize availability, capacity and efficiency for data centers, healthcare and industrial facilities.

“CleanCRM helped us take information from two divisions and consolidate that into a single database, without losing any of our data. We were able to dedupe as many as 29,000 records.

What also simplified our workflow was the ability to fine tune CleanCRM to show less duplicate sets at a time during the final review phase.”


Manager for CRM Support Administration, Vertiv


Vertiv’s Sales and Customer Service divisions were working with the same accounts and contacts, but moved to CRM On Demand successively. With the Service team migrating from Oracle E-Business Suite to CRMOD and a total 2,500 CRM users, Vertiv needed to make sure only clean data made it to the new database, with no data loss during the consolidation.
For CRM users, it was essential to quickly and accurately identify the primary record to merge duplicates into and to automate the final review process as much as possible.


  • Having used CleanCRM successfully in the past, Vertiv turned to ActivePrime solutions to remove duplicate records and maintain the integrity of their data during CRM consolidation.
  • CleanCRM helped Vertiv identify and clean up 29,000 duplicate record sets.
  • With duplicate accounts and contacts categorized and highlighted, users could easily visualize and select the records to retain or remove, and identify the primary record in each set.
  • Vertiv further enhanced CleanCRM to only show 50 sets of duplicates at a time. This reduced the time and effort spent on review by the management team and ensured only unique records ended up in the new database.
  • At Vertiv, CleanCRM automated the time consuming, manual data cleansing process. With the ability to schedule duplicate scans and merges, CleanCRM users can dedupe records during times of low resource utilization.

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