ActivePrime CleanData Suite Success Story – Boston Financial Services Provider


In the financial industry, customer relationship standards are high. Organizations seeking to streamline their processes and provide high quality service depend on clean, accurate data. When moving to a new CRM system, as is the case for organizations migrating from Oracle CRM On Demand to Salesforce, relying on the same data quality solutions in the new environment is a factor for success.

“With CleanCRM, we’re able to clean more than 30,000 contacts a week; and when everyone uses CleanEnter, we go for weeks on end without getting any duplicates.

We’ve had a great relationship with ActivePrime in terms of support and services for CRM On Demand, so I’m delighted to continue with the same set of tools in the Salesforce world.”

– Senior Director,

Customer Data Strategy


This Boston-based financial services organization is using Oracle COD for their leads and contacts. With information coming in from multiple sources, it’s difficult to keep data clean and accurate.

  • An accidental import generated a large number of duplicate leads, requiring a laborious, manual deduping process;
  • Contacts from an on-premise legacy system were mostly in uppercase and risked turning into duplicates once imported in COD;
  • Call center groups generated additional dupes when opening a new case.

With a planned migration to Salesforce ahead, the company had to make sure they maintain their data quality.


ActivePrime’s Clean Data Suite helped the customer clean their data and efficiently keep duplicates away.

  • Data is clean and up to date – out of 37,000 contacts, only 1 or 2 duplicates are identified every week;
  • CleanCRM requires minimal administrative oversight – it’s just automatic;
  • CleanEnter was provisioned to the departments creating the most duplicates and has significantly reduced duplicate creation;
  • CleanStandardize makes the data consistent in terms of Case and in line with USPS standards;
  • The customer reached an impressive level of data quality, which is easy to maintain;
  • Moving from CRM On Demand to, the customer can continue to use ActivePrime’s data quality tools in the new CRM environment;
  • Continued support and outstanding service from ActivePrime foster a trusted customer relationship.

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