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Built on 125 years of experience, CoreLogic is an established market leader delivering property information and analytics solutions to clients in real estate, mortgage finance, insurance, and the public sector. CoreLogic has over 5000 employees and runs operations in more than 8 countries. With revenues exceeding $1.3 billion, CoreLogic drives business value through innovation and cost efficiency.

“Using CRM On Demand and ActivePrime, we consolidated more than 56,000 duplicates into 31,000 accounts and reduced our Master Account Data records by 20%. What’s amazing is we did all this in less than 4 weeks, with no development!”

– Bob Von Der Ahe

Sr. Director Business Applications, CoreLogic


CoreLogic implemented Oracle CRM On Demand to consolidate multiple CRM applications into one enterprise platform. They used it in four major areas: lead, account, data management, and reporting. With 800 active users, it became the largest enterprise application at CoreLogic.

CoreLogic faced issues emerging from the lack of a consolidated workflow across the company, which reduced productivity and efficiency, as well as from their open-loop marketing and lead management processes. Sales, marketing, and customer service were negatively impacted by reporting flaws and a low visibility on customer service issues across the organization.


  • CoreLogic relied on CRM On Demand and ActivePrime to improve account planning and collaboration across product teams, and to optimize their sales and marketing processes.
  • From ActivePrime, CoreLogic selected CleanCRM, CleanEnter, and Search solutions to streamline their CRM data management operations.
  • ActivePrime Search uses fuzzy search algorithms to quickly identify duplicates among contacts, leads, and accounts.
  • Thanks to CleanCRM’s deduplication capabilities, CoreLogic was able to review 89,000 potential duplicates among their Master Account Data in just four weeks.
  • CoreLogic consolidated more than 56,000 duplicates into 31,000 records, and reduced their Master Account Data records by 20%, with no development efforts.

ActivePrime Power Search™

Easy access to data no matter where it resides.


Sweeps up duplicates en masse without breaking a sweat.


Blocks incoming duplicate data intruders for any record type, one at a time.


Imports files into your CRM without creating duplicates.


Schedule mass updates at off-peak hours. Update record owner, opportunity status & field values.

ActivePrime Search™

Targets the right record with superhuman speed.


Restores accuracy to contact data in a single bound.