ActivePrime CleanData Suite Success Story – Interface, Inc



The world’s largest designer and manufacturer of modular carpet, Interface® was founded in 1973 and is based in Atlanta, Georgia. Interface runs sales operations in 110 countries, with manufacturing facilities on four continents. Guided by innovation and environmental awareness, Interface is committed to reducing any negative impact by 2020.

“The Dun & Bradstreet CleanVerify integration helped us manage the amount of information entered by the end user. It was great for us to have all of our data come in cleanly.”

“We are currently using the Team Management functionality for our accounts, contacts, and opportunities, but are in the process of having it updated for orders, quotes, and other custom objects, because this has been such a success for us.”

– Diane Vetter

Senior Business Analyst, Interface, Inc.


As they integrated data from multiple systems into Pulse, their global CRM, Interface was confronted with duplicate content issues. Data coming in from web services added to the problem. Sales and marketing users had difficulty finding information on accounts or contacts, and were generating duplicates by creating records which already existed in the CRM. Moreover, information from third party integrations such as Dun & Bradstreet, though useful, was hard to review quickly. For management, handling user access to accounts, contacts, and opportunities manually was inefficient and time-consuming.


  • ActivePrime helped Interface clean and then maintain a high level of data quality using Professional Services, CleanVerify, CleanCRM, ActivePrime Search, and Team Management in CleanUpdate.
  • ActivePrime’s Professional Services ensured that only clean data made it into the CRM as information from multiple sources was merged into one system.
  • The CleanVerify Dun & Bradstreet integration helped improve data quality by enabling users to easily and immediately verify account information before adding it to the database.
  • The D&B API was further customized to increase the visibility of the most important information by sorting and displaying it on two different pages.
  • The Team Management functionality within CleanUpdate from ActivePrime streamlined the organization’s workflow by automating the previously manual process of adding or removing teams to accounts, contacts, and opportunities.

ActivePrime Power Search™

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ActivePrime Search™

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