IT Solutions Firm Achieves Sales Efficiency with ActivePrime Tools



Iron Bow Technologies delivers IT solutions for government and private companies, enabling them to work faster and better. The company uses Oracle On Demand to manage their sales funnel, thus it’s essential the data be accurate.


The Challenge

Clean data that’s easy to access was the main objective of Iron Bow. They conduct programs at a national level with sales reps across the country working with different accounts. This causes a lot of duplicates. For the sales team to be efficient, they needed meaningful data with the right contact record easily accessible.


The ActivePrime Solution

We recommended several tools for Oracle CRM On Demand to remove, prevent, and find duplicates, creating high quality results. Sales reps can now identify an account in the CRM even if the record has a misspelling, is incomplete, or is a nickname. Our tools also prevented duplicates from being entered. Users can also update existing entries with new data, grouping all activity into one record. They can also turn Leads into Contact and Opportunities with one click.

The Results

With dozens of active CRM sales team users, Iron Bow now has a streamlined selling process, improved reporting, and enhanced management practices with the help of actionable insight.

Because they can locate records fast and don’t have to deal with duplicates, productively increased exponentially.


  • CleanCRM

  • CleanEnter

  • ActivePrime Search