ActivePrime CleanData Suite Success Story – SGI



Founded in 1999, Silicon Graphics International is a global leader in high-performance computing, data analytics, and data management solutions. SGI provides a comprehensive range of technologies spanning rackable servers, UV systems, and storage platforms and its patented technologies reach more than 50 countries and 6500 customers across industries such as finance, healthcare, manufacturing, and retail.

“ With CleanCRM, we removed 13,000 duplicate records in just 1 month! ActivePrime’s seamless integration with CRM On Demand allowed our team to build and sustain better business processes. The intelligence behind CleanEnter, checking if a record exists before creating it, saved us tremendous time and effort. ”

– Kristine Lovett

Manager Sales Operations, SGI


SGI was using CRM On Demand for their Sales, Marketing, Finance, and Engineering operations. More than 400 active users were handling 200 workflow rules, and over 300 reports were accessed during the previous quarter alone.

With so much information, issues like record duplication and the lack of account visibility had a negative impact on efficiency. Features unavailable in CRMOD had to be implemented by the product team, adding to the time and workload. Handling custom record types which relied on high levels of data accuracy, such as booking forms or special pricing, created additional problems.


  • Using ActivePrime’s CleanCRM, CleanEnter, ActivePrime Search, and CleanUpdate, SGI was able to address their root issues with data quality and management, and, in doing so, optimize their processes.
  • ActivePrime solutions integrated seamlessly on top of Oracle CRMOD.
  • Within a month, 13,000 duplicate record pairs were identified and removed using CleanCRM. After identifying the parent contact, duplicates were quickly and easily merged.
  • CleanCRM also allowed SGI to sustain their data quality by running weekly reports to identify and eliminate duplicates from newly created contacts.
  • With CleanEnter, SGI could check for duplication as a new contact was being created, eliminating it before it even reached the CRM.
  • Used on top of CRMOD, ActivePrime technologies benefitted SGI’s sales operations by offering more visibility into account ownership.
  • CleanUpdate made it fast and easy to run mass field updates, simplifying workflows across the entire organization.

ActivePrime Power Search™

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Sweeps up duplicates en masse without breaking a sweat.


Blocks incoming duplicate data intruders for any record type, one at a time.


Imports files into your CRM without creating duplicates.


Schedule mass updates at off-peak hours. Update record owner, opportunity status & field values.

ActivePrime Search™

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