ActivePrime CleanEnter & CleanUpdate Success Story - Global Services Provider


Many organizations rely on data quality to support sales productivity. But a lack of visibility into customer information or the complexity of the CRM data can oftentimes slow down performance, making efficient CRM administration vital to business growth.

“Team Management and CleanUpdate allowed our teams of Sales and Operations managers to get the right access level to account data, services, and opportunities.

We were delighted that it was possible and easy to have ActivePrime customize the application so that it meets our complex requirements, and allow users to only access data they have the right to update."

Isabelle, CRM Project Director


This ActivePrime customer in the Services industry uses Oracle CRM On Demand to enable Sales to work more efficiently, gain access to relevant information, and better identify and target prospects and cross-selling opportunities.

With operations deployed worldwide and admins handling teams at regional or national level, managing user access manually or through a separate web service was difficult and time-consuming. Removing users from a team, assigning users to teams and objects, or running searches by multiple criteria turned out to be complicated, if not impossible tasks.


  • The customer adopted ActivePrime’s CleanEnter and CleanUpdate Team Management for COD.
  • CleanEnter helped ensure that no duplicate contacts and accounts are created.
  • Team Management enhanced visibility and access management for sales teams and operations managers.
  • Using Team Management, admins can easily upload CSV files of users and assign them to objects and contacts.
  • ActivePrime further customized Team Management to meet the customer’s complex requirements, giving admins permissions to manage only users in their region or country.
  • Team Management simplified territory management for the customer and enabled them to monitor updates more easily.

Next steps

Satisfied with the results from CleanEnter and CleanUpdate Team Management, the customer plans on extending the use of Team Management to teams in more regions and adopting further data quality solutions from ActivePrime.


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