Insperity Uses Expanded Search Capabilities to Better Connect with Customers



Insperity, a provider of PEO and administration solutions, delivers services to companies all over the country. They depend on Oracle Engagement Cloud to hold the information needed for the sales team to service the customer and upsell services they currently aren’t using. Before implementing ActivePrime tools, this was a difficult endeavor.


The Challenge

Insperity wasn’t getting the full value of their CRM. They didn’t have access to all relevant sales data. Certain key customer data rests in Siebel on Premise and Netsuite. The absence of this information caused headaches for those trying to work with existing customers. The availability of this information was vital for the sales team, but a full integration wasn’t a viable option.


The ActivePrime Solution

With ActivePrime Power Search, Insperity now has the ability to search across the enterprise and bring in data from Siebel on Premise and Netsuite without ever leaving Oracle Engagement Cloud. Employees can now immediately know what services the customer currently uses. This is important for two reasons--Insperity is aware of the customer’s account to help them better, and it alerts Insperity to possible upselling opportunities. They were also able to get a handle on duplicates with our deduping tools.

The Results

Insperity has seen productivity skyrocket now that information is easy to find and review. With a fuzzy logic search, records can be found even if they are misspelled or incomplete, saving time and improving data quality. The ability to have a real-time data quality solution means they can immediately locate a record and know exactly the history of the customer.


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  • CleanCRM

  • ActivePrime Power Search