ActivePrime Search, CleanCRM & CleanEnter Success Story – Komori America Corporation



Komori America is a subsidiary of Komori Corporation, a global leader in the manufacturing of precision printing equipment. Founded in 1923 and based in Japan, Komori Corporation has over the time gained outstanding recognition for its offset printing technology. Today, Komori is present in as many as 50 countries worldwide.

“We use CRM On Demand to manage accounts, sales activities, contacts, and opportunities. The ActivePrime solutions helped us improve the quality of our data and its management, and to speed up CRM adoption. With CleanCRM, our duplicate records dropped immensely. A recent check showed a low 88 duplicate pairs out of a total 10,000 accounts.”


Director of IT, Komori America Corporation


With thousands of customers to service and manage, Komori needed a centralized, 360° view of their customers and sales representatives’ activities, while constantly tapping into new growth opportunities. After migrating from Oracle E-Business Suite’s Sales module to CRM On Demand for their sales and marketing operations, Komori was still facing user issues around account and contact data, including:

– limited search capabilities (multiple, highly specific parameter requirements leading to account and contact duplication);

– complexity (difficult reporting, intricate quality management system, custom interface for mass updates);

– low adoption and usage levels, driving a negative impact on business.


  • ActivePrime for Oracle; ActivePrime helped Komori extend the capabilities of Oracle CRMOD to get more value from their customer data.
  • Reduced record duplication; ActivePrime dramatically improved the quality and accuracy of data entry and decreased duplication rates.
  • Advanced data rules and features; with CleanCRM, Komori could easily create rules to allow for distinct data treatment.
  • Automatic results ranking and better search matches; CleanEnter and ActivePrime Search algorithms improved search logic and performance.
  • Enhanced data quality management; CleanCRM allowed Komori to better manage their data and gave access to more accurate, reliable reporting.
  • Reduced work time; usability and efficiency empowered CRMOD users to dedicate more time to new business opportunities.
  • Increased adoption rate; the ease of use of ActivePrime solutions helped eliminate unnecessary work and reduce employee frustration.

ActivePrime Power Search™

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ActivePrime Search™

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