Komori America Corp. Uses Its CRM for Sales and Marketing Enablement with Tools from ActivePrime



Komori America Corp. is a subsidary of Komori Corporation, a global leader in the manufacturing of precision printing equipment. The company has thousands of customers to service and manage and needed a 360-degree view of each account as well as information about sales rep’s activiites.


The Challenge

Komori began to use Oracle Engagement Cloud after migrating from another CRM. With a new CRM in place, sales and marketing were expected to get a quality review of records. Unfortunately, the company was still facing issues related to:

  • Limited search capabilities (multiple, highly specific parameter requirements led to account and contact duplication)

  • Complexity (difficult reporting, intricate quality management system, and customer interface for mass updates)

  • Low adoption and usage levels, meaning the company could not realize the true ROI of having a robust CRM


The ActivePrime Solution

ActivePrime helped Komori extend the abilities of the CRM to get more value from their customer data. Record duplication dramatically declined with the help of CleanEnter and CleanCRM. Additionally, ActivePrime Search algorithms improved search logic and performance.

The Results

Komori can now easily create advanced data rules to allow for distinct data treatment. With a cleaner data set, they now enjoy accurate, reliable reporting. Overall, these tools have increased productivity and reduced work time. With more time, sales was able to pursue more new business. The adoption rate of users also improved, with the elimination of unnecessary work, which caused lots of frustration. Sales and marketing teams benefit greatly from the additional functionality afforded to them with our tools.


  • CleanEnter

  • CleanCRM

  • ActivePrime Search

  • “With ActivePrime Search, our users can easily find what they are looking for. It’s highly configurable and provides consistent results. The clean design supports our goals to improve user adoption, and ActivePrime has been highly responsive to add functionality as we request it.”