ActivePrime Search, CleanEnter and CleanImport Success Story - Financial Services Provider



Good customer relationships depend on high quality data. This is especially true for the financial sector, where sales, marketing, customer service, and billing teams need to operate on consistent, accurate customer data.

“After running CleanCRM to scrub our data, the number of duplicates in the CRM dropped significantly.

We now use the fuzzy search that’s integrated in the Account creation process so the reason for duplication isn’t really there anymore."

Sales and Marketing Operations Director


Before selecting ActivePrime for their Oracle CRM On Demand, this customer in the financial industry was struggling with duplicates created by the Sales team.
Working with the rudimentary search functionality in native CRM On Demand, Sales reps couldn’t tell if an account already existed in the CRM, and often ended up duplicating the record instead of updating it.
Searching an account name that was misspelled or abbreviated wouldn’t return any matches, causing Sales to create new, duplicate Accounts.


  • Working with ActivePrime, the customer managed to fill the gaps in their Account creation process.
  • The organization started by cleaning up their data using CleanCRM. After just a few uses, almost all the duplicates in Oracle CRM On Demand were eliminated.
  • With duplicates out of the way, the company switched to CleanEnter and CleanImport to cut off the creation of duplicates on both single/ real time entry and bulk importing.
  • CleanEnter’s fuzzy search is seamlessly integrated into the Account creation flow, allowing reps to update or create Accounts without duplicating existing data.
  • Using CleanImport, the company was able to import more data to help billing and finance with forecasting, and to support their sales team with more accurate revenue data.
  • The customer also uses CleanImport to import data that hadn’t been loaded before, adding new information to account records such as product codes and revenue numbers, without worrying about duplicating data in the CRM.

ActivePrime Power Search™

Easy access to data no matter where it resides.


Sweeps up duplicates en masse without breaking a sweat.


Blocks incoming duplicate data intruders for any record type, one at a time.


Imports files into your CRM without creating duplicates.


Schedule mass updates at off-peak hours. Update record owner, opportunity status & field values.

ActivePrime Search™

Targets the right record with superhuman speed.


Restores accuracy to contact data in a single bound.