Intralox Implements Data Governance with ActivePrime Tools



Intralox is a global provider of conveying solutions with services offered in over 100 countries. Its technology is used in a variety of industries across the globe. Intralox was adamant about having data governance checks in place that enable CRM users to make better decisions.


The Challenge

It was vital that the company’s CRM users to get the maximum value, which meant that data quality had to be high. The team at Intralox began looking for a data management solution for their CRM to help teams find information faster, manage duplicates, enable better customer service, and deliver more accurate reporting.


The ActivePrime Solution

Intralox chose to work with the ActivePrime team because of their full suite of tools that allowed for more functionality around search and the ability to clean up dirty data. The team appreciated that the tools were embedded into their CRM, so there was no need for a costly integration or going back and forth between systems.

The Results

Sales and customer service teams can now successfully manage customers on the phone with efficiency and ease. The don’t spend minutes searching, leaving the customer frustrated. They have the information they need in seconds. They have also remedied their duplicate data problem and are relieved to be done with manual scrubbing. Now their reports are accurate and meaningful.


  • CleanEnter

  • CleanCRM

  • ActivePrime Search

  • ActivePrime’s solutions are best of breed. The ActivePrime team is easy to work with both from a technical and a personnel standpoint. When we request enhancement opportunities, ActivePrime quickly gets that through with minimal effort on our end.