ActivePrime Search & CleanEnter Success Story – Post University



Founded in 1890, Post University is committed to providing students with the knowledge and skills required to become leaders in their chosen fields. The University grants degrees in areas including business, psychology, information technology, and legal studies. Students can choose to attend one of the University’s locations throughout Connecticut or complete their degrees entirely online.

“Ever since we started using ActivePrime, we haven’t found another vendor that integrates so seamlessly with CRM On Demand.

We don’t even realize we’re using another vendor on top of our CRM.”

– Sanjeev Srinivas

Director of Integrations and Analytics, Post University


In recent years, Post University has started experiencing an intense growth online. With an aggressive goal of increasing enrollments over the next few years, the University implemented Oracle CRM On Demand to support reps handling the admission process.

Admissions are managed by two departments - one at the University’s main campus and the other online. Around 150 admission reps in the two departments were creating duplicates especially when converting Leads to Opportunities.


  • Post University started using ActivePrime Search and CleanEnter immediately after implementing their CRM On Demand.
  • The two major benefits they found in ActivePrime are: a seamless and very natural integration with the CRM, and duplicate records being kept to a minimum.
  • CleanEnter helps users spot duplicates as soon as a record is being created, and makes it easier to keep data clean by preventing duplicates from reaching the CRM.
  • The fuzzy logic in ActivePrime Search improved the system search compared to the native CRM On Demand search capabilities.
  • CleanEnter is perfectly integrated into the admission reps’ workflow, enabling them to easily spot an existing contact before they create a duplicate.
  • CRM users find ActivePrime very user-friendly as they aren’t forced to perform any extra steps when using ActivePrime Search and CleanEnter with CRM On Demand.

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