ActivePrime CleanCRM & CleanEnter Success Story – Oracle Corporation



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“The most amazing feature of CleanCRM and CleanEnter is the built in matching intelligence figures out that ‘Bob Smythe’ is actually ‘Robert Smith’!”


Application Sales Manager, Oracle Corporation


According to Joshua Saffren, Application Sales Manager, “Before Oracle implemented ActivePrime’s CleanEnter for CRM On Demand, the data quality situation was abysmal with old, out-of-date, inaccurate contacts, and many duplicates.” Oracle was prompted to investigate data quality solutions by their need to scale better and cover more territory with meaningful calls and emails. Their dirty data was simply slowing down their workflow. They chose ActivePrime’s CleanCRM to clean the data and rectify duplicates. Then they added ActivePrime’s real-time fuzzy search tool, CleanEnter, to prevent the creation of new duplicates. These tools were an easy choice because they are dead-simple to use, the price was right, and they had seamless integration. Best of all, with CleanEnter embedded right inside CRM On Demand, it looks and feels native to the CRM! In Joshua’s group, they were working with unsatisfactory data for 5 years before making a decision to improve. Working with dirty data was like trying to sell while walking through mud. Revenue and profitability were being impacted, because they were working twice as hard to get what they considered a sub-par number of customer and prospect touchpoints. Oracle provides a very comprehensive solution for data quality covering many entities in a system. ActivePrime’s CleanEnter is focused on real-time dupe prevention for Accounts, Contacts, and Leads and was a good choice in that it’s embedded into CRM On Demand. Both solutions complement each other so Josh was happy to have enhanced his CRM system so quickly.

Advice to Others

Joshua comments, “The most amazing feature of CleanCRM and CleanEnter is the built in matching intelligence figures out that ‘Bob Smythe’ is actually ‘Robert Smith’!” The biggest benefit he anticipates from using CleanEnter is that they can cover more customers and prospects in less time with fewer people, resulting in greater team revenue numbers. When researching a data quality solution Joshua advises that Oracle CRM On Demand customers keep it simple and make sure the integration is seamless. “Most importantly,” he says, “get it in right off the bat and implement a real-time data quality solution as soon as you roll out CRM On Demand.”


ActivePrime Power Search™

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ActivePrime Search™

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