ActivePrime CleanCRM Success Story – Big City Mountaineers



Big City Mountaineers is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to “enhancing the lives of under-resourced urban teens through transformative outdoor experiences.” We have staff working between Chicago, Denver, and San Francisco. Our goal, which has been empirically validated by our impact measurement process, is for the teens we serve to leave our program with a different perception of themselves and relationship with others.

“If you want good data quality in Salesforce, you must purchase a data quality cleansing solution, and CleanCRM is the easiest and fastest plug-n-play system out there.”


Development Coordinator, Big City Mountaineers


The impact of poor data quality on their revenue and costs was very noticeable. According to Megan,“We would send out mailings to hundreds of addresses that came back as ‘unable to forward.’ We also did not know which phone numbers, emails, etc., were correct. Thus, we kept the most current information in our own contact lists on Outlook and in Excel spreadsheets. This duplication of data management wasted valuable staff time.”


After unsuccessfully being able to use, Megan sought a long-term solution to the data mess. They were seeking an easy to use solution that would solve the problem once and for all. Finding ActivePrime’s CleanCRM was easy – Megan found it on the AppExchange.


The largest benefit for the Big City Mountaineers’ staff is that they are actually starting to use Salesforce, rather than ignore it. Their Salesforce users are happy now that there are cleansed contacts and they can easily find their notes – so now there is only one “Bob Smith!” According to Megan, the address standardization has been the most amazing feature of CleanCRM. Their data sometimes was in all caps or no caps, different ways of writing “avenue” or “boulevard.” When asked about the time CleanCRM had saved the company, Megan replied, “Probably hundreds of hours, and that’s just this year. Who knows how much time will be saved in the future? THANK YOU!”

Advice to Others

For customers, Megan advises, “Look at many options, then determine what you buy based on what you need. We needed a system to find “Bob” and “Robert” and see that they may be one and the same. CleanCRM does that. I advise purchasing a data quality system from the very beginning. If you are thinking of starting a company or organization, consider a data quality system as an essential startup cost. Salesforce has nothing in it to prevent duplicates when uploading various contact lists. Clean data is essential to a well-functioning organization. Trust me, you will save yourself tons of headaches and years of costs by making sure your data is clean from the beginning…and keeping it clean thereafter. If you want good data quality in Salesforce, you must purchase a data quality cleansing solution, and CleanCRM is the easiest and fastest plug-n-play system out there.”


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