ActivePrime CleanCRM Success Story – Intelenex



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“The improved data quality resulted in accurate data to drive accurate reports for CRM users to make the right business decisions. A lot of the time, effort and money were saved in the data cleanup.”


Principal CRM Consultant, Intelenex


Intelenex was working with a company to implement a new instance of Oracle CRM On Demand. During the process of configuration, the data to be migrated was found to contain many duplicates as it was coming from three different sources. The data had never been de-duplicated before, hence it was unusable for reporting and CRM purposes.

According to Noni Azhar, Principal CRM Consultant, “The only manual way to clean the data would have been to use a spreadsheet or relational database and expend many hours of effort.” Clearly, an automated solution was the ideal situation. Thus, Intelenex suggested ActivePrime’s CleanMove turnkey migration service to their client.


The benefit the customer gained from using ActivePrime’s CleanMove was that all duplicates were found and the result was a clean and merged set of data with all the duplicates deleted. There was also a lot of clean up on address fields and general consistency in naming accounts. The result achieved was a fresh start in a new CRM with high quality data allowing the sales team and the general CRM users to get the maximum benefit from the application.

The CleanMove process was able to give feedback on issues with the data and allowed for better decision making. The reporting aspect makes the utility even greater because it is able to give an accurate and detailed account of the current state of the data such that clear decisions could be made and a high degree of data quality could be achieved.

The improved data quality resulted in accurate data to drive accurate reports for CRM users to make the right business decisions. An immense amount of time, effort, and money were saved in the data clean up, and the quality of results that was achieved is impossible to attain manually or in spreadsheets.


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