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The easiest, most powerful way to find and merge duplicate Accounts, Contacts, Leads, and custom objects in Salesforce!

CleanCRM identifies duplicates based on your criteria, retains data integrity during merge, and highlights duplicate sets to allow for quick review and final edits.

To make the most of CleanCRM’s powerful capabilities, refer to our guide and resources below.

Watch this intro video for an overview of CleanCRM or click here for a quick tour of the CleanCRM settings.


Running CleanCRM in Salesforce

Once you’ve installed CleanCRM, you can access it from your Apps dropdown menu in Salesforce.

Start cleaning up your data by selecting the type of records you wish to dedupe - Accounts, Leads, or Contacts and then clicking Settings.

Here you can:

* Select or create reports of records to dedupe

* Set duplicate match settings

* Define duplicates merging rules

* Choose fields to be displayed in results grid

* Concatenate fields

A quick overview of how to use the CleanCRM settings is available in this video.

tip CleanCRMTip: We recommend you start by deduping your Accounts then move to Contacts and Leads.

Create reports to dedupe

You can choose to dedupe a specific set of records by creating a report of records in your Salesforce Reports section.

Watch a step-by-step demonstration in our instructional video on Creating Reports to Dedupe.

tip CleanCRMTip: Start with small data sets and work up to larger sets as you master the functionalities.

Automate using merge rules

Merge records based on your criteria and save time on manually merging duplicates. Define how the master record is selected, set rules for blocking a duplicate record or a set of duplicates, or set a field value to identify the master record.

You can also choose to use a predefined merging rule. Check out our CleanCRM Merge Rules training video for more information.

Match settings

Set your duplicate matching criteria by choosing between no match, exact match, starts with, or fuzzy match for each of your selected fields. For detailed information about matching settings, refer to our video resource on using the CleanCRM settings.

tip CleanCRMTip: The more fields you use in your selection, the more narrow the match.

Save time with scheduled scans

Schedule duplicate scans to save on API calls and optimize resource utilization.

To get started, click the Schedule CRM Scan link on the top right side in CleanCRM.

Once you’ve reviewed your duplicate sets, you can also schedule merge jobs. To learn more about using the CleanCRM scheduler, click here to watch the training video.

tip CleanCRMTip: You can set your scans to run on a recurring basis - daily, weekly, or monthly.

What’s next?

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