ActivePrime Data Quality Solutions for Salesforce

You’ve invested in Salesforce as the engine behind your customer interactions, but is it truly delivering the customer intelligence you need? ActivePrime has helped more than 120,000 users around the globe turn dormant data into actionable data.

ActivePrime for Salesforce helps you extend the capabilities of Salesforce so you can gain maximum value from your customer data with enhanced features such as workflow capability and fuzzy search logic. How do we do this?

  • By providing the most cost-effective, proven and easy way to ensure data integrity
  • By giving you access to all of your customer data from both inside and beyond Salesforce
  • By consolidating existing data inside of Salesforce as actionable customer intelligence
 data quality tools for Salesforce CRM

ActivePrime Power Search for Salesforce


ActivePrime Power Search gives you sophisticated search capabilities that use fuzzy logic to locate and leverage all relevant customer information across all systems without an exact search phrase match. Once the data is located, ActivePrime Power Search enables you to incorporate relevant data into custom workflows and share it across individuals and groups, giving your entire team access to the most current information.

Features include:

  • Access to all customer data from any on-premise or cloud-based customer system or any number of instances of Salesforce, from within a single Salesforce interface
  • Ability to run searches externally but still pull in Salesforce data
  • Fuzzy search logic that returns all related customer data regardless of exact spelling, field sequence, etc.
  • Actionable data. Customer data is more than read-only — your search results can be incorporated into a logical workflow and shared with all relevant parties


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Fast and Accurate Data Management for Salesforce

Importing, entering and updating your Salesforce data either by account or in batch is easier and more intuitive with CleanEnter, CleanCRM and CleanImport for ActivePrime. You can manage your data on a single screen from within Salesforce in a familiar grid view, where what you see is what you get. The final record is right on the screen and it’s easy to tell how you got there.

Features include:

  • Automatic updates through merge rules, which relieve you from having to assess all duplicates manually
  • Ability to merge more than two records at a time instead of having to export and import data to perform merges in a spreadsheet
  • Functionality allowing you to compare data to the existing CRM data and records before you import
  • Alerts for duplicates in the conversion process instead of automatically creating an account or contact

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Salesforce Migration Package

Are you migrating to Salesforce from another CRM? We make it easy and ensure that your new instance of Salesforce is populated with only the cleanest, most accurate data available, and that nothing is lost in transition.

Our Salesforce migration services include:

  • Data archiving and the ability to access archived data from within Salesforce
  • Analysis of current data in CRM system
  • Data cleansing and enrichment
  • Initial load of clean, high quality data into Salesforce


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