ActivePrime Data Quality solutions are embedded directly into Oracle CRM On Demand, Oracle Sales Cloud, and as SaaS. More than 12,000 users in 42 countries rely on ActivePrime to ensure accurate CRM data, improve performance,  increase sales productivity and user adoption.

  • CRM Metrics logoCRM Metrics™ – Allows you to easily monitor, track, and improve user adoption trends, even correlate revenue to CRM use.     
  • Clean CRM logoCleanCRM™ – Cleans away thousands of duplicates at once…like they never happened

  • CleanEnter logoCleanEnter™ – Prevents duplicates upon entry by checking existing records before creating a new one. Built right into workflow for record creation, association and lead conversion, CleanEnter helps ensure compliance with business processes.
  • CleanVerify logoCleanVerify™ – Invalid addresses and emails, missing zips, impossible phone numbers? Meet CleanVerify! Provide CRM users with the most up-to-date info so everyone saves time.
  • CleanUpdate logoCleanUpdate™ – An owner reassignment and mass update tool to quickly make changes to both parent and child records within your CRM. Perform territory realignments, update opportunity & lead status, or change any field value in bulk with just a few easy clicks.
  • CleanImport logoCleanImport™ – Catches duplicates upon import, so your CRM stays clean. CleanImport is a great way to import files into your CRM without creating duplicates.
  • CleanCSV logoCleanCSV™ – You already know how well ActivePrime fuzzy logic works on finding and eliminating duplicates. Now you can apply that same power to any external CSV file.
  • APSearch logoActivePrime Search™ – A smarter, more powerful search that uses fuzzy logic to find difficult spellings, acronyms and more. Users find the right record on the first search. Optimized for performance, ActivePrime Search can find any record type, including Service Requests.

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