CleanCRM - Clean Your Data with One Click

CleanCRM™ de-dupes your Accounts, Contacts or Leads with one click. Reclaim sales time, empower Marketing, and report on clean data. CleanCRM is embedded in your CRM, no software installation. Give data defenders one button to identify & categorize dupes for easy resolution. Simple, easy, affordable.

 CleanCRM screenshot in CRM system

Problem: Duplicates Running Amok

How did those duplicates get in your CRM? Maybe it was when two CRM systems were integrated, or maybe a trade show list was imported multiple times. It could even have happened like a slow leak; a few from one rep, a few from customer or tech support and then, BOOM! before you know it, there are too many to count! Don’t worry, CleanCRM digs you out of any size hole and keeps you on level ground.



Solution: Smart Merging of Records

CleanCRM does the hard work for you. It identifies duplicates and merges them all while retaining data integrity and user confidence! You still have the final say when determining merges and complete flexibility in how you identify them.



Why Not Rely On Manual Data Cleansing?

Did you ever sit there in front of a list of dupes questioning how you would find the time to complete this monumental task or do you fear the merging process? Maybe you should ignore the list and watch it grow. Or, just delete the records that seem like dupes. HA!
Well, CleanCRM takes away those fears and obstacles by offering speed, flexibility and consistency to your deduping tasks. Manual deduping can take up to 20 times longer than CleanCRM and will cost you valuable time.




CleanCRM performs tasks on your schedule

CleanCRM categorizes your duplicate sets for quick review and edits

CleanCRM identifies duplicates based on your criteria

CleanCRM works on sets of data that you define

CleanCRM is embedded in your CRM

CleanCRM merges records and retains all related information


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