Meet CleanCSV!

CleanCSV™ is a data quality improvement tool used to detect duplicate contacts, accounts, or leads in external flat files. Clean up your CSV lists with speedy duplicate identification, based on your personal choices for match criteria.

 CleanCSV screenshot in CRM system

Problem: Duplicate Records in External CSV Files

Purchased lists, tradeshow lists, registration lists, or even mined lists all may contain duplicate contacts, accounts, or leads. Projects such as marketing campaigns are positively impacted by the removal of these duplicates leading to improved response rates and satisfied customers.



Solution: Batch Duplicate Detection

CleanCSV does the hard work for you! It identifies duplicates and merges them all while retaining data integrity and user confidence. You still have the final say when determining merges and complete flexibility in how you identify them.




Why Not Rely On Manual Checking?

Did you ever sit there in front of a list of dupes questioning how you would find the time to complete this monumental task, or do you fear the merging process, afraid you’ll delete a unique record? CleanCSV takes away those fears and obstacles by offering speed, flexibility, and consistency to your deduping tasks. Manual deduping could take up to 20 times longer than CleanCSV and will cost you valuable time.



CleanCSV identifies duplicates based on your criteria

CleanCSV categorizes your duplicate sets for quick review and edits

CleanCSV is smart, based on patented advanced artificial intelligence

CleanCSV returns results in seconds

CleanCSV creates a new, cleaned CSV and retains the original

CleanCSV completes tasks on your schedule

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