CleanEnter - Prevent Duplicates In Real Time

CleanEnter dupe-checks any record type such as Accounts, Opportunities, Contacts, Leads or custom objects in real-time upon record creation and lead conversion. Keep your data clean with speedy duplicate prevention, and eradicate dirty data before it even makes it into your CRM!

 CleanEnter screenshot in CRM system

Problem: Creating Duplicates at Time of Entry or Lead Conversion

Too many times has a user entered a new record hastily without checking the CRM first, resulting in duplicate records. Or a hidden way that duplicates are created is during lead conversion.  CleanEnter is embedded into the CRM for seamless and immediate use to avoid these problems.




Solution: Real-time Duplicate Checking

CleanEnter checks for a potential match BEFORE the user creates any record type such as Accounts, Opportunities, Service Requests or Contacts; or converts a Lead. Instant gratification is achieved with CleanEnter when a list of potential matches is returned. The user can opt to use a match or create the record they initially had in mind. Check once with CleanEnter and be confident your record is unique.


Why Not Rely on Manual Data Checking?

Good luck searching through your CRM to find an Account record that is misspelled or a Contact that is entered as a nickname. Worse yet, there are tricky international names that may even include accented letters, alternate spellings or abbreviations. Not only may you miss a duplicate but you are sure to become frustrated when you realize how many individual searches you may need to perform. CleanEnter only needs one search to give you the confidence you need to enter a new record.

CleanEnter works in real-time, on the spot, with any record type

CleanEnter returns immediate results

CleanEnter is smart (based on patented advanced artificial intelligence)

CleanEnter is intuitive to use, no training necessary

CleanEnter is embedded into your CRM

CleanEnter is configurable to meet your needs


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