CleanImport - Catch Duplicates on Data Import

CleanImport™ is a data cleansing tool used to detect duplicate contacts, accounts, or leads upon file import. Keep dirty data out of your CRM with speedy duplicate identification, and improve your CRM’s data quality.

 CleanImport screenshot in CRM system

Problem: Creating Duplicates at Time of Import

Don’t import duplicate records! Purchased lists, tradeshow lists, registration lists, or even mined lists all contain contacts that may already exist in your CRM. Use CleanImport to compare your CSV to your CRM and import only the unique records or update your existing contacts.



Solution: Batch Duplicate Detection

CleanImport offers flexible settings to craft the way you identify duplicate contacts, accounts, or leads. Specify which fields data is imported into, which records are used for comparison, which fields are used for differentiation, and even which fields to display. Categories allow you to quickly review and fix obvious matches, and import records in batch. Or you can take the time to review all potential matches and import them one-by-one at your convenience.


Why Not Rely on Manual Checking?

Scrubbing a file manually before you import it can be frustrating and tricky. It is tough to find that record that is misspelled or entered as a nickname. Worse yet, there are tricky international names that may even include accented letters, alternate spellings, or abbreviations. Not only may you miss a duplicate, but you are also sure to become frustrated when you realize how many individual searches you may need to perform. Running CleanImport gives you the confidence that your file is clean before you import new records.



CleanImport is embedded right into your CRM

CleanImport batch processes your import files

CleanImport returns results in seconds

CleanImport categorizes results for quick review of duplicates

CleanImport has flexible settings for loose or strict duplicate detection

CleanImport completes tasks on your schedule

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