Simplify and automate CRM updates and Team Management

Say goodbye to manual updates, imports and exports of CRM teams and data. With CleanUpdate, Team Management, Compensation Splits and Lead Assignment Rules there’s a faster, programmatic and accurate way to quickly manage CRM teams and data in batch, and it’s embedded into Oracle CRM On Demand.

CleanUpdate: Update your records from within your CRM

Don’t update your records one-by-one when your list has hundreds! Don’t export and import updates to your records. Perform these tasks from within your CRM with CleanUpdate.

How it works.

CleanUpdate enables you to reassign owners and update fields quickly for any parent and child record within your CRM. You can perform territory realignments, update opportunity status, and mass update your lead status or change any field value in bulk. And you can view your changes before saving them to your CRM.

CleanUpdate in action!

Choose to switch record owners from one to another, update all record owners in your list to someone else, or update a status on a group of records. You can even update all child objects simultaneously!


Team Management: Manage CRM teams easily and automatically

No more custom applications and painstaking territory reassignments. With Team Management you can update the owner of all existing tables in one fell swoop or schedule updates at your convenience! Our Team Management solution makes team management 10 times faster than making manual updates.

How it works.

With Team Management, you can add, remove and replace users while specifying which subset of account, contact, opportunity and/or custom object should be updated. You also have the ability to search the lists of owners to easily locate information and make updates from a CSV file.

Team Management in action!

What if you had to perform territory realignments and change team members and account owners in different countries or territories? Before Team Management, not only would a custom application be necessary, but it would have to be adapted for each location and its unique set of requirements. Team Management makes the process easy and much more cost effective.

 CleanUpdate screenshot in CRM system

Compensation Splits and Lead Assignment Rules

With Compensation Splits and Lead Assignment Rules, updates are no longer manual. Split compensation accurately and fairly, and easily assign leads based on capacity and expertise. Our Professional Services team can help you automate your compensation splits and lead assignment processes.


How CleanUpdate Team Management Compares to Native CRM

Team Management
Native CRM System

Add, Remove, Replace Team members, in bulk


Define bulk updates based on list in CRM.


Define bulk updates based on list of record IDs in a CSV file


Set team member default access level during bulk update


Can Schedule processing to specific hour


Can start scheduled update at any time manually


Export results logs


Embedded right in your CRM

Perfect for mass updates

Flexible settings to identify records and fields to update

Schedule updates whenever you’d like

Add, remove, replace team members in bulk

Update teams from a CSV file


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