CleanVerify - CRM Data Verification and Enrichment

CleanVerify™ validates phone numbers, addresses and emails to ensure your users are using accurate contact information. US and International addresses are enriched and updated with additional information when available, such as zip codes and counties. Both US and Canadian phone numbers are also verified.

 CleanVerify screenshot in CRM system

Problem: Inaccurate Contact Information

Your users are sure to be frustrated if they are given contact information that doesn’t put them in touch with their prospects and customers. Who wants to make calls to disconnected phones, have a long email bounce back or see “Return to Sender” on a mailer? Why not give them an edge by providing them validated contact information with CleanVerify? More accurate contact information leads to fewer minutes struggling to reach a prospect, and to lower campaign costs.


Solution: Validate Contact Information

What satisfaction to see a great response to a campaign or have your sales team fill their pipeline! CleanVerify has validated all your contact information, including mailing addresses, phone numbers and email addresses. Now you know that your targets received your new shiny brochure, your opt-in newsletter or that friendly new customer follow-up call.


Why Not Rely On Manual Data Verification?

I’m not even sure how you would attempt to manually clean up your contact data. Would you call each number to verify it connects? And if someone picked up, would you ask them to verify their email address and mailing address? Would you do an internet search to find the information? CleanVerify already has the information needed to make you a data defender!




See CleanVerify in Action

CleanVerify is lightning fast

CleanVerify validates phone numbers and billing, mailing and email addresses

CleanVerify displays a clear color coded icon next to fields that have been processed

CleanVerify updates addresses to include counties or +4 zip codes

CleanVerify is embedded in your CRM

CleanVerify is available on new record creation & edit pages


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