Meet CRM Metrics!

CRM Metrics is the best way to see how your company is using your CRM system. Graphic reports reveal up-to-date statistics on CRM user adoption rates and more. Dashboards display individual and team usage behaviors and the relationship to revenue being generated. With the benefit of expanded visibility into user adoption, your business decisions are more informed.

 CRM Metrics screenshot in CRM system

Problem: CRM User Behavior is Unclear

CRM user adoption is a key factor for company-wide success. The more people who use the system, the more effective the organization. How can you reward the champions, or coach the nay-sayers when you don’t know who they are? Once the users are identified, CRM value can improve, and management can make fully informed strategic decisions.


Solution: Clear Reports Reveal Everything

CRM Metrics replaces complicated reports with an easy-to-interpret executive dashboard. Now you can see at a glance who your top users are and which record types and activities are used the most. By using metrics, you will be able to see if your user adoption strategies, like incentives or training, are working properly.


Why Choose CRM Metrics?

Reacting to usage patterns will be easy. You will know who to coach, and who to reward. Reporting will be a breeze – with reports that are clear and easy to present to management. You will be amazed at how easy analyzing CRM usage becomes with CRM Metrics.


See CRM Metrics in Action


CRM Metrics allows for quick understanding of user adoption

CRM Metrics’ analysis of team and user behavior leads to better decisions and overall performance

CRM Metrics are configurable to roles or reporting structures

CRM Metrics are up-to-date, easy to read statistics with simple graphics

CRM Metrics can be configured to show associated won revenue to specific sales reps

CRM Metrics shows aggregated or individual user adoption rates