Meet ActivePrime Search!

ActivePrime Search™ is a smarter, more powerful, fuzzy search engine to help you find results within any record type in your CRM. ActivePrime Search uses applied Artificial Intelligence to ferret through your records to find difficult spellings, mispellings, and even international nicknames.

 ActivePrime Search screenshot in CRM system

Problem: Your Users Need to Find the Right Record Quickly

Too many calls from your users blaming the CRM for missing records? More likely they just can’t find what they are looking for. Chances are the record was entered with a misspelling or it was entered under another known name. ActivePrime Search compensates for these situations plus more!




Solution: Intelligent CRM Search

Contact nicknames, Opportunity misspellings, difficult spellings of Account Names, phonetic variations in Lead Names, international characters used in Custom Objects are all accounted for when ActivePrime Search is used. ActivePrime Search takes a holistic approach to identify the record you are looking for.


Why Choose ActivePrime Search?

Will your users know if they search the CRM for Lead Chris Smith they can find Christina Smythe? Or if they search for AAA they can find Automobile Association of America? Take the guess work out of looking for records when you use ActivePrime Search. Mistakes due to human error are just that, and they shouldn’t be the reason why you can’t find what you need.




ActivePrime Search is embedded in your CRM

ActivePrime Search is for any record type including opportunities, service requests, custom objects and more

ActivePrime Search finds fuzzy matches

ActivePrime Search completes searches on partial information

ActivePrime Search is customizable for fields searched, data returned and number of hits

ActivePrime Search is lightning fast


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