Block Duplicates Upon Bulk Import with CleanImport 

CleanImport keeps duplicates out of your CRM during bulk import. Embedded into your CRM, the tool identifies duplicates with speed and keeps your data accurate. With data cleansing tools like CleanImport, you won’t have to sift through new lists and manually dedupe. Let CleanImport do the work of blocking duplicates. Watch the video to see how it works.


Compare Your CSV to Your CRM

You’ve got a new list to import into your CRM. When you execute a bulk import on many platforms, there is no immediate detection of duplicates. Now you have a data integrity issue. This impacts the ability of sales and marketing to prospect accurately.

With CleanImport, comparing the CSV to the CRM during bulk import is easy. Only the unique records are entered as new while existing contacts are updated. All this work that would take hours manually is now automated.


Flexible Import Settings

Before you import, you have the opportunity to create settings for how duplicates should be identified, including:

- Fields that should be used for comparison
- Fields for differentiation
- Fields to display


Review data in a Snap

Once you have the results, you’ll see data arranged by categories. Review quickly and address any obvious matches then import by batch. You also have the chance to review potential matches and import one by one if you prefer.

Never Manually Cleanse Again

How many hours have you spent manually cleansing data before import? Too many. You have to account for nicknames, alternate spellings, abbreviations, and more. Never do this again when you use a data cleansing tool like CleanImport. It may change your entire workflow in the best way possible.


Bulk Import CRM Data with Confidence

Rely on CleanImport to detect and block duplicates upon import. Set your own guidelines for matching, importing, and updating. Get started today by getting in touch.

CRM Imports Made Easy