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ActivePrime Data Quality Report

Data Quality Report™ identifies gaps of missing customer data and provides you with a summary of duplicates that are haunting your CRM. Data Quality Report™ is a free service used by data defenders on Oracle, Salesforce, and Microsoft CRM products to empower them to take control of the data and to understand where cleanup is necessary!




Problem: Dirty Data Slows Down Revenue

You know you have duplicate Accounts, Contacts, and Leads; but where are they hiding? You know that customer data is missing, but which fields and for what customers? Is your CRM rejected by those it was built for? Are they frustrated because they can’t find the right contact to close an opportunity? Is your organization embarrassed because customers are receiving everything multiple times? Data Quality Report shows you what your dirty data rate is and how it will impact the future of your CRM and your bottom line. Your CRM was a large investment with high expectations. Keep it clean and up-to-date, with the knowledge from Data Quality Report.


Solutions: Detect CRM Duplicates and Missing Data

The truth is, without Data Quality Report™ you don’t know how many duplicates are riddling your CRM, nor how many fields are missing data. If you continue to ignore the need for data governance, your organization will continue to miss out on revenue, as well as optimized customer service and the opportunity for personalized sales and marketing. If you knew how many days a year you could recover with fewer duplicates in your CRM, or if you knew how many dollars saved that translated into, you’d attack the issue and solve it. Data Quality Report™ gives you the knowledge to identify your data quality issues.




Why assess your CRM data quality?

Avoiding your duplicates and overlooking missing customer information is no way to fix the problem. A small complication ignored today will grow exponentially in your CRM and cost you more to fix it in the long-run. An unchecked CRM can grow duplicates in excess of 20% per year. Nip it in the bud, save money by doing it yourself instead of using a contractor, save time by cleaning up smaller batches, and save yourself from headaches (fewer calls from users who are annoyed with the CRM).


Data Quality Report is free and offers same day results

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Calculate percentage of duplicates in your CRM

Project the quantity of future duplicates

Pinpoint key areas of impact on your business

Identify missing customer information