Dedupe Data in Your CRM with One Click

CleanCRM is a data cleansing tool for your CRM. To dedupe data, you shouldn’t have to work manually. Our tool changes your workflow, deduping in bulk. Do in minutes what would normally takes hours or days to complete. Dedupe data with ease.

Not all data cleansing tools are the same. With CleanCRM, you’ll experience a quick and easy way to dedupe. With cleaner, more reliable data, employees will use the CRM more, increasing adoption rates. Watch the video to see how it works.


How CleanCRM Works

Our data cleansing tool embeds directly into your CRM. You won’t have to log into another system. You can run a deduplication scan in minutes, without the tediousness of importing and exporting data. You can dedupe all records: accounts, contacts, and leads. Then you’ll have a chance to review all results and take action.

The process automatically labels duplicate sets for quick review and edits. Get back time and resources with this intelligent tool.


See results and take action to delete or merge in a few clicks.

Enjoy these Benefits of CleanCRM

  • Dedupe data when it’s most convenient

  • Define your parameters when dedupe searching

  • Categorize duplicate sets for quick and easy review

  • Merge records, retaining the information you’ve chosen to stay

  • Feel confident in the accuracy of your data

  • Save time and resources with easy-to-use technology

Don’t let duplicates impact the quality of your CRM data any longer. Expect a cleaner, more accurate CRM when you use CleanCRM.

Eliminate Duplicate CRM Data