Say goodbye to manual duplicate cleanup

Duplicate records undermine the value of your customer data. They cause users to lose confidence in your CRM, which ultimately impairs adoption rates. But who has time to de-dupe their database? CleanCRM™ can do it for you up to 20 times faster than doing it manually.

How CleanCRM Deduplication works

CleanCRM is embedded directly in your CRM, so you can manage the deduplication process from within the same interface, avoiding the time and cost associated with importing and exporting to other systems.

With just one click, you can de-dupe all objects, including your accounts, contacts or leads, merging duplicate records while retaining data integrity and user confidence. With the ActivePrime rules engine, you still have the final say when determining merges and complete flexibility in how you identify them. It also allows you to incorporate “and / or” logic for building rules, so you can block individual records or entire duplicate sets if necessary. 

CleanCRM in Action

Perhaps you have duplicates due to the integration of two CRM systems from a recent merger or acquisition. Or maybe your team has been focused on the business at hand and the clean data process has fallen to the wayside. Instead of laboriously exporting, manually de-duping (and guessing which records to keep), and reimporting the data, CleanCRM automatically categorizes your duplicate sets for quick review and edits, saving enormous amounts of time and effort.


Perform tasks on your schedule

Categorize your duplicate sets for quick review and edits

Identify duplicates based on your criteria

Dedupe sets of data that you define

Merge records and retain all related information

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