Extract Data from Oracle CRM On Demand Without Limitations

When migrating to a new CRM, you may think that you either need to move everything or should delete anything over a certain age. Both of these approaches can be problematic. Instead, we suggest cleansing your data to determine what you should keep and what you should archive. We provide the steps, tools, and resources needed to cleanse and move data.

Don’t Delete, Archive


Deleting records, even old information, is taking a bit of a chance. With our help, you can take this data and turn it into a searchable archive. You’ll then be able to find records quickly with our patented fuzzy search technology.

Store it on premise, behind your firewall, or in the cloud. Access the archive in several ways including via a dedicated web page or ideally, from within your new CRM using ActivePrime Power Search.


Need Help Extracting Data?

If you need assistance with extracting and setting up a new CRM, we can recommend some experienced Oracle systems integrators that can assist with this, even helping you move attachments.

With ActivePrime and your system integrator, data migration to a new CRM can be worry-free. You can be assured no data will be lost in translation. Get in touch with us today if you’re ready to make the move.

Migrate Data with Ease