Access all customer information without data integration

Even with a robust CRM, search functionality often misses customer records due to misspellings or inconsistent data entry, and search is limited to the CRM itself. ActivePrime Power Search goes beyond CRM and enables you to access customer data across all systems without costly systems integration or licenses for multiple users on numerous platforms.

ActivePrime Power Search delivers a true unified view of your customers so you can effectively engage them with marketing and service initiatives that drive revenue, loyalty and business efficiency. ActivePrime Power Search goes beyond customer data to deliver customer intelligence.

Access customer data, no matter where it resides

ActivePrime Power Search’s innovative technology unifies all on-premise and cloud-based customer data with a single click, and then incorporates the data into a workflow across multiple parts of your organization.

It is the shortest route between data and action.

 Cross-system search diagram_ActivePrime Multi Search

How ActivePrime Power Search works

  • Find relevant customer data with fuzzy search logic that takes into account nicknames, acronyms, difficult spellings, and more
  • Pull customer data from any system into one screen, within context
  • Search both cloud, on-premise and third-party sources with one click
  • Locate customer data from within or outside of your CRM
  • Incorporate relevant data into custom workflows, share data across individuals and groups

ActivePrime Power Search in Action

ActivePrime Power Search opens a world of new opportunities to maximize the value of your data and drive revenue, loyalty and business efficiency. For example, the sales department can see if a customer is behind on payments or if a customer has been in touch with support recently. Finance can see if a deal is in process or if a product or service has been delivered. Sales can pass information to finance to structure deal terms, and finance can pass the information to the approval authority, and then route everything back to the sales team to close the deal…all with a single click from inside or outside your CRM or between multiple instances of a CRM.

And, the information within the CRM can be enhanced with third-party data sources, such as Dun and Bradstreet, so your team is as intelligent and effective as possible.


More than read-only, data can be shared

Complete searches on partial information

Searches both cloud and on-premise data in one click

Search from within or outside of your CRM

Pull data into a single screen, regardless of location

Incorporate data into a multi-step workflow

Minimal API integration and no additional licenses required for back-end systems


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