Stop dirty data in its tracks

We’ve all been there. For the sake of speed and being able to immediately use our new records, we create a new contact or import a list without thoroughly checking for duplicate records. We say we’ll dedupe later, but we all know where that leads. Duplicate records kill the value of data – and like anything else in life, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure: Wouldn’t it be better to avoid entering duplicates in the first place?

CleanEnter and CleanImport help you do just that!




CleanEnter: Prevent the creation of duplicate records

CleanEnter pre-empts the duplication problem by checking for potential matches before the user creates any object, including an account, opportunity, service request or contact, or converts a lead. It’s embedded directly into your CRM so checking is quick and seamless, and the information can be enhanced with third-party data sources, such as Dun and Bradstreet, so your team is as intelligent and effective as possible.

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CleanImport: Compare CSVs to your CRM before data import

Purchased, tradeshow, registration or even mined lists all contain contacts that may already exist in your CRM. Use CleanImport to quickly and easily compare all objects in your CSV to your CRM and import only the unique records or update your existing contacts.

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