Search and find all CRM records beyond exact matches

Your customer data is only valuable if it’s actually usable. If you can’t locate a record quickly, that record can’t help you. CRM systems often miss records because they are not an exact match for the search term – the record may be misspelled, or saved under a slightly different name or acronym.

ActivePrime Search™ has the intelligence to find these types of records, so you can provide better service to your customers, increasing customer loyalty and user adoption rates.

How ActivePrime Search works

ActivePrime Search is a smart, powerful, fuzzy search engine that finds results within any record type in your CRM. It uses applied artificial intelligence to find all customer information, taking into account difficult spellings, misspellings, nicknames, phonetic variations in lead name, and international characters used in custom objects.

ActivePrime Search in Action

Pretend for a moment that you’re looking for all the information your company has on John Smith. A standard search function will locate records for John Smith, J Smith and perhaps John Smit. ActivePrime Search will find Smythe, Jon, Jonh, Jonathan, John S, and any other possible configuration of first and last name. Human error and operational inconsistency will no longer prevent you from finding what you need!



Complete searches on partial information

Thorough checks on all objects to avoid duplication

Embedded in your CRM

Fuzzy search finds more relevant records

Lightning fast

Built-in matching intelligence

Customizable for fields searched, data returned, number of hits

For information on how you can search across multiple CRMs and other enterprise systems and get a 360 degree view of the customer, see ActivePrime Power Search.