Search Your CRM Smarter Using Fuzzy Logic

ActivePrime Search is a dynamic CRM search tool that uses fuzzy logic to search smarter. With fuzzy logic, your results expand beyond exact matches. This enables faster workflows with easier to access data. With more complete results, you won’t miss records either.

See it in action by watching the video.


How ActivePrime Search Works

ActivePrime employs AI to perform fuzzy searching. For example, if you type Bob Smith, you also get Roberts, Smyths, and other variations. It takes into account phonetic variations, abbreviations, nicknames, and other domain knowledge, accounting for misspellings and international characters. In only a few seconds, ActivePrime Search displays all possible matches.


ActivePrime Search Fuzzy Logic Parameters

Misspelling, Nicknames, Phonetic Variation in lead name, International characters and much more …


Is Your CRM Search Impacting Workflow and Productivity?

Sometimes the search within your CRM needs a boost. Our CRM search tool returns accurate and complete results based on any record in the CRM. You may be losing time, impacting overall productivity. With ActivePrime Search, you’ll see a significant difference in your queries. This difference will increase user adoption too, since they’ll have a search that meets their needs.


Elevate Your CRM Search

Better search tools mean better results. Not only does ActivePrime Search bring back all complete matches, fuzzy logic expands the search so you don’t miss a record. See how it works with a demo.

Smarter CRM Searching Awaits