Find Customer Data Across All Systems with One Search

It’s never been easier to search inside and outside of your CRM.

Not only will you have an optimized search inside your CRM but now outside as well. When integration isn’t an option, you need a tool that lets you leave data where it lies and take action directly from the search window. The tool is embedded in your CRM, offering convenient and smarter searching.

Search one time to find all customer data. Watch our quick video to see it in action.


No Integration Required

You’ll have access to data in all your enterprise applications without integrating them. You won’t have to worry about the cost or maintenance of integrations.


Better CRM Adoption

Encourage CRM adoption with better tools that deliver more accurate data. If users have powerful search tools, they’ll be inclined to use it.


A Unified Customer View

Imagine every user having the same cohesive view of customer data. It’s possible and is the foundational feature of the tool, keeping all efforts aligned.


Streamlined Workflows

Expect increased productivity when you streamline workflows. The search delivers quick results and eliminates the need to go back and forth between systems.


Features to Find More

With fuzzy logic, you’ll be able to find more possible results regardless of spelling, typos, or special characters. Ensure you find exactly what you're searching for with ActivePrime Power Search.


Go Inside ActivePrime Power Search

Receive relevant search results from within your CRM and other systems.

Choose to enrich your records with outside data.

A Search Is Only as Good as It is Powerful

ActivePrime Power Search delivers answer to many customer data challenges.



Multiple, manual Searches are time-consuming.


Query all customer data applications once for all the results.



Disconnected CRMs make it difficult to find all contact records.


With ActivePrime Power Search, you can find all records and comply with GDPR’s right to be forgotten.



Compliance is compromised if external data is moved.


External data remains where it is, ensuring compliance.



Inaccurate data prohibits departments to collaborate effectively.


Unlock opportunities with one search, enabling all parties to share information.



Data from searches is read-only with no action possible.


Share data easily and take a variety of actions.



Your search is limited to certain applications or situations.


Complete you query and look in both on-premise and cloud data.


How ActivePrime Power Search Works with Your CRM

No matter how robust your CRM is, there will always be opportunities to enhance it. Whether your customer data is in one spot or many, access it all with a single search. Integrate ActivePrime Power Search in Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle Engagement Cloud, Oracle On-Demand, and Salesforce.

  • Search with fuzzy logic features

  • Incorporate all your findings into logical workflows

  • Share data with those that need it

  • Run external searches that are inclusive of all CRM data as well

It’s a perfect time to add this tool to your CRM. Find out where your search can take you with ActivePrime Power Search.

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