Verify and Enrich Customer Data

Your customer data is only as valuable as it is accurate and complete. Bad customer data can be worse than no data at all. CleanVerify™ increases sales team efficiency and campaign success rates by greatly improving the accuracy and level of detail of your contacts.

CleanVerify also allows you to access third party data sources, such as Dun and Bradstreet, enriching your existing data to increase its effectiveness and provide a more thorough view of your customer information.

How it Works

CleanVerify validates any data, such as phone numbers, addresses and emails directly from your CRM and third party data sources to ensure you have accurate contact information. It enriches, updates and appends your existing data with additional information when available.

CleanVerify can be configured to verify from other sources and verify any type of data in your CRM system.

CleanVerify in Action

Manual verification of your customer data requires test phone calls, Google searches, scanning record after record to try to detect missing information, and perhaps a test mailing piece to see if it’s returned. Most companies don’t have time for these types of ongoing, laborious checks, but the data still needs to be accurate.

With CleanVerify you can validate all of your contact information, including mailing addresses, phone numbers and email addresses, and have peace of mind that your communication will reach its target.


Lightning fast

Validate phone numbers, billing, mailing and email addresses

Color coded icon indicates fields that have been validated

Update addresses to include countries and +4 zip codes

Embedded in your CRM

Available on new record creation and edit pages


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